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Idiot Control Now
bees on pie, burning rubber tires

And I'm out. Time to start looking at third party candidates.

I don't know WTF is wrong with this country, that the two choices are going to be a lying narcissistic asshole or a lying narcissistic asshole.

I'm reminded of the season of Food Network Star when Alton Brown looked at the remaining contestants and said, "Can't we just send them all home and start over?"

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Geez, I've been sucking at keeping up with this, and I'm not even reading that much anyway.

To finish off last year, two books and one manga for November/December:

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
Funny Girl by Nick Hornby

Say I Love You v7

And starting off this year with three books and two manga for January and February:

Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling
X by Sue Grafton
Frostfire by Amanda Hocking

Say I Love You v8
Golden Time v1

Are we really down to just Y and Z? I've been reading these since college. I think K had just come out, and so I started picking them up at the library every Saturday. Great thing about not having a car in college was I spent a lot of time at the library. Nerd alert!

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My isidewith.com results. To the surprise of no one, Hillary came in dead last at 21%. Even old Bernie got a 24% match.

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I call myself a capitalist and a conservative and prefer the term "Republitarian" even though I vote Republican because, well, that's the two-party system we have. But the two-party system doesn't work, because these are the choices we end up with. D and I have both agreed that if Trump is the "Republican" nominee, we are voting Libertarian. And not looking back. Because the system is broken.

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Last year the city commission approved a 13-percent increase of property tax rates, which is about 22 percent of a resident's total property tax bill. At the end of the year it turned out there was a $17.6-million surplus and in the first quarter there was even more surplus money. We are calling on the city to rollback the tax rate to the previous 3.7 mills and find cost saving in their agency budgets. Please sign the petition today to encourage the city to roll back its millage rate.

They'd actually tried to raise the rates even more before "compromising" on the 13% increase. That's the one bad thing about living here. Our mayor is a big-D dem.

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justify your existence

Okay, who else broke down and bought a powerball ticket (or five)?

Good luck to us all, and remember who loves you, baby!

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Yeah, this is how busy we've been. I've JUST NOW gotten around to watching this:

Oh, man, my boys are darling. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about a middle school setting, but looks like everyone's accounted for even Rei wtf they didn't know him, and I STILL want to adopt Nagisa.

Oh, wait, but I didn't see Gou. Did I just miss her? WHERE MY GOU AT

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With everything going on last year, I just had no mental energy left over to write, so one of my goals for the new year is to get back to it in earnest. I have a couple of books of writing exercises, and I picked the first prompt and went with it. The result is terrible: it's more of an idea than a story (strike one), it features original characters (strike two) who don't have much personality yet (aaaand I'm out). But the point of an exercise is just to get going again, so there's that. And even though they don't exist, I do totally ship GuyNatSon with LukeTearDaughter, and this gives me a place to start with them, too.

Title: Stay
Series: Tales of the Abyss
Length: 1260 words
Prompt: Wedding pictures
Original Characters: Cecil (Guy and Natalia's son) and Giselle (Luke and Tear's daughter)
Notes: Set twenty years post-How Far.

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Poor D finally got to see his precious Love Live movie last night, and he was disappointed. At several points he actually said out loud, "I can't believe I waited a year for this."

I got him a Maki figure for Christmas, so I hope that's still the awesome thing I thought it was going to be a month ago when I bought it. I think he might suspect given that he's the one who brought in the package, and unfortunately, with international shipping they have to put that big sticker on the box that says it came from Japan and the contents are listed as "figurine".

We're so behind in our anime this season because we've been so busy (we've hardly watched any Christmas movies, either), and so I've only just seen episode 11 of STARMYU and thank GOD because I wondered if I was going to be personally trolled. I said after episode 1 that if my boy didn't sing I would be sadface.

D, bless his little heart, kind of ruined it by talking through it, because once I started bouncing at the musical cue, he was going, "Why are you so excited? Who is this guy, have we seen him before, are you spoiled or something, how did you know about this?" DUDE. ARE YOU EVEN PAYING ATTENTION DURING THIS SHOW?

This show is pretty cheesy, but I awwwwwwwwed when Shu hugged Hoshitani. It's still far behind my beloved Free! in terms of characters and depth, but for what it is, I'm enjoying it.

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We were gone for over a week, taking the first real "vacation" we've had since April (yeah, everyone feels so bad for us)--spending a few days in Orlando*, then a few days with my grandma**, then stopping for a night in Tarpon Springs to finally get our Greek on (omg flaming cheese where have you been all my life).

We get home to find a box sitting on our doorstep. We had stopped the mail and were not expecting any packages. Our family knew we were going to be gone.

It was addressed to the previous homeowner. You know, the guy who moved out over FOUR MONTHS ago.

Oh, and it said "refrigerate immediately", and had come from a dairy in Georgia.

Typing in the UPS tracking number showed that it was delivered the day after we left. Which meant this perishable dairy package had been sitting on our porch for A WEEK. (Remember the days when UPS would get a signature instead of ding-dong-ditching? Heck, these days they don't even knock half the time.)

I googled the company and called them, saying it was delivered to the correct address, but Mr. ____ no longer lives here. The woman I talked to said they would track down whoever ordered the GOURMET CHEESE ASSORTMENT GIFT BOX and inform them of the situation, and we were free to enjoy the cheeses as we like. I said, well, that would be nice, but I was out of town and they've been sitting on my porch for a week, so they're probably ruined.

We threw them out. What a waste.

*Because there is nothing like sitting at a resort pool in December--thanks to a FL resident discount rate--basking in the 85 degree sun, drinking a mai tai, and listening to Christmas music. Mele Kalikimaka, y'all. (We get home and it's rainy and stuff, but supposed to get back up in the 80s this weekend.)

**Here is reason number 943784 why my grandma is the best person I know.

Grandma: I just don't know why anyone would vote for Hillary. Do you like her?
Me: I hate her.
Grandma: She lies, and every job she's had, she hasn't been any good at.

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Since we're the fun aunt and uncle from Florida now, for Christmas we got our new nieces a stuffed dolphin and a stuffed manatee, and gave them to them when we were visiting last month.

 photo stuffed manatee.jpg

And the manatee was such a hit that D said we should get one to take our realtor's baby when we go over there tomorrow. So we did. Not bad for twelve bucks. Oh, Amazon Prime, why do you keep giving me free trials? You know I don't want to pay for you but will gladly take your express shipping during December.

One of our neighbors called last night to thank us for the gettogether and for the cookies, and asked if I wouldn't mind sharing the recipe. I said, nope, it's Martha Stewart's, so you're welcome to a copy of it. I hadn't made that recipe before, so I'm glad it was good enough for people to specifically call about!

I'm trying another new recipe for the cookie swap tomorrow. Like the last one, D balked when I described it and said, "Just make chocolate chip", which, anyone can make chocolate chip, I want to do something special. Of course now that they're done he's had two and is all omgnomnom about them, so IN HIS FACE. (These I was nervous about though, because they involve caramel, and I'd never made caramel, so I did have some chocolate chips on standby just in case.)

One good thing about having people in our house was it made us spend two days cleaning like mofos, and the house hasn't been this clean since we moved in. D took lots of pictures to show my grandma when we drive down to visit her next week. I can't believe it's taken us this long to get back down there now that we're only six hours away. We suck.

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Since in our last neighborhood we were kind of shut-ins, D wants to make sure we have a good relationship with our new neighbors. Which is a valid point, though as a hardcore introvert, making small talk is my idea of hell on earth; but I agreed with him that we should have an afternoon holiday open house to invite everyone over and get to know them a little and let them get to know who we are--this is especially important given that the people we bought the house from were hugely antisocial and no one knew them or really even saw them. The owners before them though were beloved and dearly missed, which, sorry, I'm just not going to be able to live up to that, but here, have some cookies.

The good news is everyone came yesterday and we had a nice visit. The bad news is we put out all kinds of food that no one ate, so now we've got tons of snickysnack stuff left over, crackers and cheese and summer sausage. I did send everyone away with tins of homemade cookies.

I bought a new baking tray as part of my Christmas present this year and used it for my cookies. So oddly, the new recipe I tried turned out really well, but the chocolate chips I've made a hundred times did not because they baked weirdly on this new tray. So that sucked. I had enough good ones made on my old tray to give away, and we kept the not-so-pretty ones.

We also invited our realtor, since he happened to send us a Thanksgiving greeting/email, and he hadn't seen the place since we moved in. Not ten minutes after all the neighbors left, he arrived, which turned out to be perfect because we could have an actual conversation with him instead of "where are you from/what do you do" type stuff.

He brought his new baby, and she was SUPERCUTE. What's with all the supercute babies lately? I still don't want one, but they're fun to look at.

He said his wife is having a cookie swap this weekend if we'd like to come, so maybe we'll do that. Now that I know my new tray bakes weird, I can plan better.

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Five books and one manga for September and October. I hope I didn't set any sort of goal, because this is sad.

Inherit Midnight by Kate Kae Myers
The Borrower by Rebecca Makkai
The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion
The Romance Readers' Book Club by Julie L. Cannon
Innocence by Kathleen Tessaro

Say I Love You v6

Midnight I read based on a review in EW that compared it to The Westing Game, which is still after thirty-some years my second-favorite book ever. It was... fine, but that's a high standard to live up to. On its own, I did like it, though, although some of the supporting characters could have used more depth.

Rosie was the best of this lot and an enjoyable take on the romcom, and then at the far other end of the spectrum, The Borrower was awful. It highlighted why I don't usually like first-person fiction, because if the narrator is insufferable, you can NEVER get away from them. I would have appreciated ANYTHING from the boy's point of view on why he was running away, instead of some asshole liberal thinking she knew better than anyone. It's funny how liberals are so insecure that they have to make sure you know early and often how much they hate George W Bush (yes, still) and people who believe in God. She reminded me of, well, basically every liberal teenage girl in fandom I've ever come across on the internets.

Innocence is my least favorite of Tessaro's books so far, and I usually really like her, but I can't stand when a main character makes inexplicably stupid destructive decisions.

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Well, we're watching Starmyu. It's no Free!, but I'll take what I can get. The songs are drowning in cheese, but Shu is already my favorite, because of course he is, because D says I always go for the guy with good hair. Yeah, I'm a sucker for good hair.

D also says he is legitimately enjoying it in spite of himself and is finding it to actually be amusing. (I told him yes he must watch this with me since he made me sit thru two seasons of Love Live--and movie pending, meh). And so he's crossover shipping Hoshitani with Honoka.

But then they had to go and cast Koyasu as Haruto, and, as just stated, I will listen to him in just about anydamnthing. He's part of the reason Hotohori is my anime husband, and the main reason I sat thru Weiß Kreuz and yes, bought all the CDs. Come on, "House of Love" and "Perfect Stranger" are my jams.

If he doesn't get to sing, I will be CRUSHED.

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Since I basically played all five Tales games I bought for my PS3 in the last nine months or so, and I haven't turned in my coins for Zestiria yet, I remembered that when D was setting up the TV and stuff in the living room, he also managed to squeeze the old PS2 in there.

So for old time's sake and that, I got out ToA and tried to remember just where the heck I'd left off that abandoned third play.

I got used to the skits being voiced in the other games, so the awkward silence during skits seems so strange now. And the Symphonia pack had original voices for both, so I'd forgotten just how bad some of the English voices are. Oh, I'd remembered Tear's terrible voice, but Ion's is nails-on-a-chalkboard bad. And I think Peony's English voice is one of the reasons I couldn't stand him at first. (And how come you can go into the audience chamber and he's there, then you can go downstairs to his room and he's there, too? Does he have a fireman's pole behind his throne or what? Oh, one's a replica, duh! As Ben Seaver once realized, "That's how my room gets so messed up!")

I'd apparently left off right before Natalia makes up with Ingojerk and we have the peace treaty meeting, and so I started there then quit right after fighting Sync down in the core. (I still couldn't do that damn glyph. My controller isn't precise enough, and I don't know why Tear's yelling at me to hurry when if I screw it up, I can start over. Either I need to hurry or not! I just couldn't hold my mouth right long enough to get it pointed in the right direction.) And I remembered to go see Jo in Kaitzur because Guy gonna need some new threads. That's the only title of his I missed.

D got to see the Natalia part, even if the English "acting" strips any of the emotion out of the scene, particularly where she tells Ingo that not being his daughter hurt more than not being the princess. It's just... blah. I got spoiled by the original voices in the anime. English-voiced Ingo doesn't seem to give a crap.

D: Listen to her go. You love her.
Me: That is my girl. You wish she was our queen.
D: I actually do. I'm not even bullshitting.

And why did they all keep saying "seventeen years of memories" when she's nineteen, right? I mean, the dates of her birthday and the current month/year are explicitly given in canon. Was he just not into it the first two years?

So it was fun for a few hours, but without any new surprises, I'll move on to something else for now. Maybe this'll help me remember why I'm supposed to be going to Belkend when I turn it back on in a year or so. Go see the medic, Tear!

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We'll be spending this week recuperating from having my sister, her boyfriend, and her kids here for five nights last week. I've got a ton of laundry.

I know with the long drive, it made sense for them to spend five nights, but dang, that is a long time to have people in your house. And because they got a late start on the way here, they didn't arrive until after 11 pm. D rousted them the morning they were leaving, even thought they said they were in no hurry to get home, and got them out of here by 8:30. I mean, it's a 13 hour drive. Get going.

When they left, D and I basically looked at each other and said, "And that's why we don't have kids." I know my sisters and I fought a lot growing up, but I never realized how tiring it is to listen to nonstop bickering for four days. They are just mean to each other.

And sadly, it seems the older my nephew gets, the less interests he has. I thought he used to like reading. I had a $5 BAM coupon, and he said he wanted to go, so I offered it to him. He spent it on candy. And all he ate was junk. Cookies, candy, ice cream. (I had made cookies and bought the ice cream, and he asked, "Aunt L, are you going to make that strawberry cake?" I said, "I made cookies and bought ice cream, so no, I'm not also making a cake.") He used to be a better eater. We made black bean quesadillas for dinner one night, and he'd said he was starving until he found out what we were having. Then he said, "Are we having a side with that?" Then he just sort of picked at it and pulled out all the vegetables.

Which was still better than my sister's boyfriend. Yes, he's back, the one who rejected a restaurant hamburger for having a tomato on it or something. I asked her when she wanted to know if he could come along whether he had any allergies, because we'd be cooking a couple of dinners. She said no, and maybe I was too subtle, but that was my way of asking "Is there anything I should not make?" He wouldn't even touch the quesadillas because of the beans. He apparently doesn't like any beans--black beans, refried beans, chili beans, baked beans, nothing. Usually we make chili for company because it's an easy, filling, one-pot meal, so it's good we didn't go that route. One board I read refers to "manbabies" when talking about these supposedly grown men who are picky eaters and only want chicken nuggets or grilled cheese. I didn't think they actually existed. D ended up making this guy a special snowflake dinner of ramen soup, because as rude as it is to not even try what your host is serving, it's not proper to let your guest go hungry. So whatever.

God bless my niece who seems to be the best eater. She liked the quesadillas, liked the chicken dinner we made (although actually everyone ate that one), and didn't seem quite as into shoving candy and fritos down her gullet as the two boys.

They are still all addicted to iphones, though. We drove them down to the beach and everyone was playing games. I remember when my grandpa would go on car trips with us, he hated when I would read instead of look out the window. I guess I'm getting cranky to think kids should enjoy the scenery and have conversations and stuff.

We also took them to the state park to see the manatees, so that was pretty cool for us if not them. Even though it's October, we saw about six, compared to just the one back in June. Lots of gators, too. And there was a sign saying the lodge is going to be showing The Creature From the Black Lagoon in 3D for Halloween, so I hope we can go back and see that. I'm not much for Halloween, so that would be a fun alternative to the typical thing.

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I understand our neighbors coming over to introduce themselves while we're working in the yard, because it means we're here and dressed and all, but it also means I'm in work clothes and covered in dirt and sweat and grass and my hair is a fright. Then the lady next door who is super nice dropped off some blondies later that afternoon, and even the misanthropic loner that I am knows you never return an empty plate, so I had to figure out what I could make with what I had on hand and decided on my Earl Grey lemon bars.

(And of course D had to tell everyone, oh, my wife loves to bake all kinds of yummy treats, which puts me on the spot of having to deliver, like, thanks bro.)

So we made up two plates thinking we'd just pop by and drop them off, and now being polite, both households invited us in, and now, introverted loner that I am, am forced to make small talk, which is my least favorite thing in the world. We ended up spending an hour "visiting", and had to finally excuse ourselves before we ran afoul of the dinner hour.

Our list of work to do around the house (that D wanted accomplished by the end of the month), is almost done, though it didn't help that every time we crossed something off, he'd think of something else to add. We might have this place looking okay for my sister and her kids to visit in a couple weeks. I hate that we still don't have any decent guest bedroom furniture, but after buying all those bookshelves, we can't afford it right now. Meh.

With any luck we'll get to rest tomorrow before getting back to it on Monday. We've got to finish getting boxes sorted for bulk trash pickup on Tuesday. It's every other week, and we've got to get this stuff off the porch. Not that I can afford any porch furniture, either. Maybe someday. I guess we've got the next thirty years to buy furniture. I'm hoping by spring we'll be in a position to check out some estate sales and Goodwill and stuff.

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Our bookcases arrived yesterday and we spent the afternoon finally unpacking the many, many boxes of books that had been just uglifying the room. It's looking pretty good, although the room won't be finished until the curtain rods and chaise arrive. Then it'll be our cozy little reading and gaming room.

Lordy, I have too many SVH books. I've double-stacked them, and they still take up a shelf-and-a-half. I'm going to have to pare them down to the absolute must-keeps and dump all the rest at Goodwill. I thought about saving them for my niece, but they really are dated a Gen X thing, and I don't think she'd appreciate them. So far I think I'll keep the first 25 or so--the classics--then the whole Evil Twin miniseries, and the last ones with the earthquake and all that. I'll most likely dump all SVU and Senior Year ones, except maybe Dead Before Dawn because of the COVER, and since it's pretty much just Lila/Bruce, and not that I was a Lila/Bruce shipper, but they turned out to be much more interesting than the twins.

And a good thing we got everything unpacked, because I was down to my last spare book and was going to have to start digging out something to read.

So, books from July and August, three plus two manga/comics. July and August were super busy, obvs.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
Extras by Scott Westerfeld
The School for Good and Evil: The Last Ever After by Soman Chainani

Archie: The Married Life book 6
Say I Love You v5

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From our kitchen window, we can see the pool and shed in the backyard. Last night it was raining, and as we were getting ready to make dinner, D looked out the window and saw a squirrel scratching at the shed doors. D said, "That's why the damn door is so torn up! I thought [the last owner] did that!"

And since it was raining, D stripped off all his clothes and ran outside with a broom and a can of bug spray to shoo away the squirrel. I was too slow to get a camera, darn it, but all I could think, watching him in the rain, butt naked and harassing a squirrel with a broom in his hand, was "Oh, Lord, I'm married to Dale Gribble."

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Do you know how much fun it is to hang pictures with someone who's OCD? Soooo much fun.

I thought it would be weird living in "someone else's" house, but it hasn't really been. It feels like ours, and more every day as we get more things unpacked and pictures hung. We unboxed our framed cels that we haven't seen in six months and D wanted to hang them in a Brady Bunch-style grid, so measuring all that out was a treat.

It's been a ton of work, and it feels like it'll never be finished, and moving in August in Florida is not something I'd recommend, given it was in the mid- to high-90s every day, and we're out in the yard working, in the garage organizing, getting the pool in order. It took D about a week to rehab the pool, but we've been in it almost every day. At the pool store we bought a dolphin-shaped chlorine tablet feeder, so I named him Haru, since his job is to just float in the pool all the time.

D's mom and her husband were here over the weekend--they'd sort of patched things up just before we moved in; he wasn't in the mood for drama while we were stressed over closing--and it seemed like they had a nice time, even if the weather wasn't the best. It was drizzly the full day they were here, so instead of taking them to the state park or the beach, we drove down to a really good seafood place where they could get some oysters. I did find it funny when my MIL mentioned that there wasn't really anyplace in the house for us to put some exercise equipment. I said, "Um, we have a POOL."

We're waiting on some furniture to be delivered for our "library", and D's hoping that will become our place to write, which I need to get back to.

This neighborhood is so quiet. We're loving it. Those months in the apartment are fading like a bad dream. D says we'll look back on it like he remembers the army.

So that's what up down here. Looking forward to our first football season without UAB (in more ways than one) and seeing what fall is like in this town.

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omg we bought a house.

signed papers today, moving on weds

too tired to be excited right now; up since 4am thinking about everything we have to do

but yay

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