January 27th, 2009

wait for it

and while I'm wishing, I want a pony

Geez, looking at all the writing theme comms is a bad idea for an indecisive person like me. Having too many choices is worse than no choices at all. 15 this, 25 that, 30 these, some are just 7, and I think, yay 7, I can do 7! But... can I?

I saw a post on one forum that said someone should write Guy-Mary sibling fluff. Aw, how adorable would that be? But then that made me think about writing some good meaty Guy stuff about Collapse ), and there I go again, too many ideas and nothing being done.

You know what I really need is someone to write all the exposition crap for me. I just want to write dialogue. I just want to script it all and put in minimum stage directions and have someone else take care of all the mood and setting description, which has always been my weak point.
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