August 3rd, 2009

touch them!

but I really was for once

While trying to write yesterday (more like "write a sentence, screw around on internet, write a sentence, look through screencap files, etc"), I was going through my images and found what might be my new favorite cap crop:

"Touch them!"
"No! Don't make me!"
"You did it before!"
"That was an accident!"
"Dammit, I am the princess, and you will do as I say!"

You know, with the whole running joke about Tear's "melons", I feel like Natalia never gets credit for having a very nice rack herself.

And I do really have about 1400 words written. Except it's porn fic, and I realized after 1400 words, oops, Guy never technically took his pants off.

This. must. be. rectified.
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