March 13th, 2010

asch and luke

searching for you

I've been ODing on ToA episodes the past couple of days. My Guy/Nat muse has gone walkabout, and I'm trying to entice it back.

I have this weird thing where I can't/won't just watch straight through. I jump all over the place. I started with 23, realized I meant to start with 24, then went back to 17, then 20 and 21, then back to 10, and so on. Yeah, continuity what?

Asch finally getting a hug from his mommy after so many years makes me teary every single time. And the duke is further cemented as my absolute most hated character. "I refused to love you because I knew you were going to die." ASSHOLE. We're all going to die. Love your son(s), dammit.

In the interest of time I knew the anime couldn't cover every single thing, but I'm still pissed that Guy never got his family sword back. They sure showed it a lot. Hi, if you show a sword in the first episode, give it back by the end, you know?

Oh, I should focus on something positive. I loved how in the beginning whenever Anise got all glompy with Luke as potential-rich-husband, he was annoyed, but in the later episodes whenever she latches onto him, he kinda hugs her back. It's sweet! I don't ship Luke/Anise yet but I love their little friendship bond that develops.
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