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bringing Operation Sexy Anise back

Oh, geez. I just wanted to look up one of the game skit scripts for reference and ended up reading pretty much the entire archive. I wrote down all the numbers for ones I want to go back and use for important canon info, like when Natalia's birthday is.... And, seriously, like an hour just vanished before I knew it.

I still think the mushroom skit is my favorite.

ANISE: What was that mushroom's name again?

ASCH: ...Rugnican death cap.

ANISE: That sounds pretty poisonous to me...

ASCH: No, the poisonous one is the Great Rugnican death cap.

NATALIA: I-is there any difference?

ASCH: The poison.

GUY: Yeah, well, we already know that.

ASCH: Then don't ask.

GUY: Hey, it's Natalia who asked!

ASCH: ...Don't blame Natalia.


NATALIA: W-wait!

GUY: (Somebody isn't making sense here...)

ANISE: I'm really starting to think Asch isn't as bright as we thought.

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