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pre-spring pre-cleaning

Has anyone used Paperback Swap? D saw it in the paper today and suggested I use it instead of half.com to list my books. Sure, I won't get $$, but I'll get trade credits.

I spent the afternoon going through my boxes of giveaway books and divided them into a sell box and a trade box. The ones I think I can sell I'll put on Ebay, and the ones I think I can't I'll put on this swap site.

Meanwhile, D's been cleaning up/off our two old computers so we can take them to be recycled. (One I wrote my first CCS fic on... Awwww, memories. And it had the original Sims on it. And it still had Syaoran (!) wallpaper. It's been over six years since that computer's been turned on.)

So we were kind of productive today. I meant to get some writing done when I finished sorting but I've been watching my HIMYM DVDs instead. I suck.
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