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you'll make her blush!

I finally went and watched the rest of ep 14 without D. I've come to realize that I'm just going to have to watch every episode twice, once myself and once with him.

Guy-tastic! Poor Luke's an afterthought in his own story. I should make some Luke icons to make up for it.

Man, it is so nice to like a pairing that actually has canon interaction. I'd forgotten what that was like. Even if they did cut my favorite line from the game. "If the king rejects you, come to Malkuth with me, and I'll welcome you with open arms." Putting aside that it would be completely OOC for Natalia to abandon her country.... seriously, the people of Kimlasca or Guy's open arms? THIS IS NOT A HARD CHOICE, NAT.
Tags: abyss, guy/natalia
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