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avoidance or commiseration?

Okay, so this has always been my problem with writing and why nothing ever gets done. It's a dimension of procrastination called indecisiveness. I am incredibly indecisive about which angle to take on an idea.

Which is why I have like five different ideas but not much actually done on any of them. Although the only one that's almost finished is just sitting there because establishing the setting is really, really awkward. That's my least favorite part of writing--establishing the setting. I just want to get on with it. This may be why I tend to think of an ending first and then work backwards.

There's a prompt in prompt_a_day that makes a good jump off for one idea, but only if I go for a tone of commiseration instead of a scene of avoidance, which was my original idea. So what happens is I get mired trying to figure out which way is better, because if I do one, I can have this great moment, but if I do the other, it's more honest, and.... STUCKAGE.

Then there's the idea that, why not do both? One of my favorite movies that no one's heard of is done entirely in splitscreen, sometimes to show both actors at once, sometimes to show flashbacks and current happenings simultaneously, and sometimes to show two different takes of the same line. So why not do two different takes on the same scene? And then I feel like I'm cheating because I don't want to use certain elements and lines twice. It feels lazy, like, can't you come up with some other way to express this?

And then everything else has this same repetitious feeling, that I'm going to be revisiting this one issue over and over and isn't there a better way to go?

And just finish one first, for crying out loud. Just finish something and then worry about the others. But which is the best one? Why write a crappy one when another one might be better if you could just decide the tone???

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