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this is the dawning of the age of vesperia

D says, "Why aren't you playing your game anymore?"

Well, it kind of pissed me off for a second.

I've apparently gotten to the end point, found my way through Tarqaron or whatever, and gotten to the last save point of the game. I know this because I got a pity achievement for using every available save point. I haven't been able to activate the platforms, though, and I refuse to look it up. I try not to look stuff up until a second playthrough if I still can't figure something out, because the second time is to do what I missed the first time.

Now, I learned my lesson with Abyss, since it was my first Tales game. The first time I played, once I got to Eldrant, I didn't leave. Even though you could use a wing bottle at the last save point, I went on through. I guess I thought, well, I'll come back and use a wing bottle later, except, oops, you can't, because it's over. The second time I played, I knew better, and left so I could go finish up stuff. Mainly going back to Daath to visit Florian. Because I didn't go back to Daath after dropping him off the first time, and man, Florian has ALL KINDS OF SHIT YOU NEED, the little sneak.

So I've been going back to every area and making sure I clean up anything I've left undone. The problem is, I have like three different side-quests I've been unable to finish. I can't find Judith's damn spear (but I'm still looking), and the Everlight wild-goose-chase apparently requires a recipe I don't have. So that sucks. And I guess I haven't found all seven fell weapons or whatever they're called. I'm sure one of them is related to these platforms I can't figure out, like Tear's was hidden in that BS secret room you couldn't open unless you killed the guardian with a specific arte, like how the hell was I ever going to figure that out? (I was proud of myself for finding Natalia's, though. Since the first four are pretty much just given to you, I didn't expect to have to find the last two.)

But I need to just finish it though so I can get to another game. I've been playing this one for over two months (I also got the pity achievement for playing over 100 hours. I can't get any achievements for like, actually accomplishing missions or anything.). Once I've played something else, then I can come back and try Vesperia again.
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