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dipping my toe in the crazy

D's gotten me hooked on the Disney boards. He said, go to the family section, that's where the good stuff is.

I'm reading a thread on whether women should take little boys into the ladies' room and where the cutoff age is. Now I'm not a parent, but it does weird me out when boys who should be old enough to go on their own are in the ladies'. But I guess I don't know anything, because 10 year old boys cannot go to the mens' by themselves, because the mens' are filled with all sorts of evil monsters just waiting to murder/molest/kidnap/etc.

There's a poster called Stinkerbelle who I just love, saying you can't suffocate your kids and the potential for danger is everywhere and at some point you have to let your 11 year old go to the mens' by himself. (And the great reply, "Stop, your common sense is drowning out the sounds of helicopters!") And I'm about halfway through the thread and in need of some popcorn, because it's getting good.

But... isn't this why the companion/family restroom was invented? So families can go in together without making the other people uncomfortable. Oh, no, the companion restrooms are too far apart! Well, don't let your kid chug gallons of cola.

(Unrelated, but this board is full up with people who use the twee "DH" and "DS" and "DD". I hate that. I can never decide whether "DH" or "hubby" is more annoying. "Hubby" always has that pass-agg tinge to it, but "DH" is just too precious.)
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