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maybe two seconds

So we will be watching Dollhouse tomorrow, and have been anticipating it like crazy these many months, despite still being pissed at Joss for what Buffy had turned into by the end.

Our main reason for watching is that D and I are in many ways the same person, and one of those ways is that we both think that Eliza is effing hot.

Yes, we are the ones who kept Tru Calling on the air as long as it was.

And every time it marathons on SciFi, you know I'm there.

The other day I caught an episode that had Cobie Smulders (!!!), and with Eliza and Cobie in the same scene, I yelled out, "OMG TOO MUCH HOTNESS!"

D came to see and was like, "Yep, you just became a lesbian for a second, didn't you?" And I said, "Yeah, just for a second."
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