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the salad needs more butter, mother!

I need more OTPs.

Describe pairings in fifteen words or less, and have your flist guess their identities.

1. If dog is man's best friend, then he's definitely hers.
Momo/Sumire (Kimi wa Pet), guessed by blushingsigh

2. He accidentally copped a feel once and was more uncomfortable than she was.
Guy/Natalia (ToA), guessed by cal_reflector

3. He Watches, she sees, and she's going to England anyway.
Giles/Kaho (Buffy/CCS), guessed by cal_reflector despite not knowing who Giles is

4. She's the only one who could tie him down, except she won't be tied either.
Barney/Robin (How I Met Your Mother), guessed by blushingsigh

5. The Jack/Doug rule: Even with little canon interaction they'll get together in five years.
Touya/Tomoyo (CCS), guessed by cal_reflector

6. She doesn't mind that he looks better in a dress than she does.
Makoto/Ito (W Juliet), guessed by blushingsigh

7. Two rich boys brought together by a sister's death? It could happen.
Bruce/Nicholas (SVH), guessed by peacewish

8. So many chances and timing that was never right, but they'll always have Paris.
Lorelai/Christopher (Gilmore Girls), guessed by umilingual

9. Just because the prophesy says she'll die doesn't mean he can't bring her back.
Buffy/Xander (Buffy), guessed by umilingual

10. He committed treason to save her. That's hot.
Tony/Michelle (24), guessed by blushingsigh
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