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when you're gone I like to try on all your clothes - Idiot Control Now — LiveJournal
bees on pie, burning rubber tires
when you're gone I like to try on all your clothes
I like this one the best so far, in that it's the most IC I've written Natalia. She needs to have sass and boss Guy around a little (which you know he loves).

Based on the 10_passions theme "His Place".

Title: A Woman's Touch
Series: ToA
Pairing: Guy/Natalia
Length: 1000 words
Summary: It's Natalia's turn to give Guy a special gift.

Things that came to mind when writing this?

I still wish they'd put Natalia in her Star of Malkuth costume for the ending sequence. Girlfriend rocks some serious cleavage.

The other thing is that it's too bad I have no interest in writing about politics, etc, because Guy's return to noble life and possible conflicts with the others in the House of Lords could be good territory to mine.

Mostly I'm just glad we'll be home tomorrow. We've had fun, and it was great to visit with my grandma, but we're ready to get back to our regular routine. And I'm coming down with a cold. Yay.

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