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ep 22

Are we on 22 already? Sniff, it's almost over. Maybe when it is I'll play the game a third time.


Dammit, show, stop making me feel guilty for shipping Guy/Nat. I love Asch, I do, but come on! You're already leaving out all my Guy/Nat bits from the game anyway. I know they can't show the whole "we need to charge the gizmo to go up the tower blahblah", but still, remember this?

Natalia: Guy, carry that...
Tear: Natalia!
Natalia: Oh, oh my, I'm sorry! You're not a servant anymore. How rude of me...
Guy: Quite all right, Your Highness. At your command, I would happily carry it.

See, he loves it when she orders him around.

They better not leave out their big conversation in Chesedonia. That one's actually important.


Is it wrong that I yelled out "Yes! Fuck him up, Guy! Yes, yes!" then needed a cigarette?


Oh, man, I can't believe I forgot this part. He actually has grabbed all the girls at one point, hasn't he?

Of course they won't show the spa scene because it has nothing to do with the main plot. Yes, Nat, he accidentally almost pulled your swimsuit off, but put your outrage away. Do you know how many girls would pay to have Guy rip their clothes off?
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