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some of these have been made redundant

Taken from peacewish:

Post a single sentence from each of your WIPs - no context, no explanation.

Touya chuckled softly and tucked the blankets around the child, and when he kissed his son’s forehead, Tomoyo felt her heart shatter into a million pieces.

“You know, it’s always flattering to hear you call out Asch’s name when you’re in bed with me,” Guy said against her hair.

One foot crossed over the other, like the delicate steps of a ballet, her previously white trainers speckled by dust as she made a slow circle in the swing.

Many of the things she said were draped in layers of meaning, disguised with ambiguity, lies that weren’t lies but truths that weren’t true.

I held on desperately to each moment until it faded into the blackness of night, greedily taking every bit of joy offered, but never letting him know the truth.

The small rectangle of terrycloth she held could cover her either above the waist or below but not both, so she chose to dry her hair with it instead.

“You’re a brilliant businesswoman, Nomi,” he’d said one night, the empty glasses of too many whiskey and sodas on the table beside him, “but you don’t know a damn thing about what it means to love someone.”

Now as she watched, she began imagining what it would feel like for those hands to touch her like one of his machines, like some precious, delicate miracle, gliding over her skin and finding places that needed his attention.

“So I’m just a convenient excuse to get away from the rappigs, am I?”

Tags: abyss fic, ccs fic, fanfic, fic snippets
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