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three months

I finally finished Vesperia yesterday. It didn't literally take me three months to finish it so much as I would go a week at a time without playing, then just play for a couple hours. I got pissed off toward the end because I couldn't finish some of the sidequests. I never found the recipe I needed to finish the Everlight BS, or Judith's spear. Oh, well. And what about that dude who was looking for his brother? Was there any payoff for that?

I liked this game fine, and parts of it were really fun, but I never got into it like I did Teh Abyss. I just loved those characters so so much. In this one, I really liked Rita and Judith, and I liked Yuri and Estelle and Karol and Flynn, but... just not the same, you know? It's funny how that happens. I just never got attached to them in the same way.

That little letter in the shoe closet, though? "To Asch, from Natalia ♥"? Dammit, they are determined to get me to squee for A/N. Fine, I did. Now leave me alone. Bastards.

I may play again someday, but first I've got Eternal Sonata, and I want to get Star Ocean IV, and then Sims 3 comes out soon, right? So it will probably be a while. D wants me to trade it in for credit when I get SO4, but I will want to go back and see if I can figure those unfinished parts out.
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