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ep 23


Natalia makes this face a lot, doesn't she? It's just a neverending stream of brand!new!information! for our girl.


Guy? This was your cue, sweetheart.


Oh, thank goodness, they're not cutting this part. Let's see how it comes out, though.

And of course, I can't forget:



Are they going to do the part where Anise visits him and he's all, "Aaaaniiiise, everyone treats me strangely." Well, kid, maybe that's because you're wearing Ion's clothes and loitering about in his room. I know you can't do anything about your face, but it's kinda creepy.

The best part of all that is where your mind goes after Anise says they'll just have dinner together and sleep together, and Luke's all, "Um, sleep together?" and Anise goes, "Are you thinking something weird? I mean all of us together."

So, no, nothing weird. Just an ORGY.

And so of course you start imagining Guy's colossal freakout, and Florian's general confusion, and how Jade would just sit in the corner watching and making snide remarks about Luke's lack of technique, and then the girls end up having to take care of each other because the guys are TOTALLY WORTHLESS. And D gets his Tear/Natalia, and it's all good.

I swear, sometimes the best bits are the things you just make up in your head.

Like the conversation about "Can you imagine if Natalia looked like Largo?" and then everyone makes their "Oh, shit" face, and you know Guy's like, "Well, there went my plans for some quality alone time later."

Anyway, that's more about what goes on in my head than anyone ever wanted to know.
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