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and when he was bad

I do not know what to think of Dollhouse. I do think after this last episode, Joss needs to stick to plot constructing and not actual dialogue writing. We didn't pay attention to the credits, so during the awful post-sex banter, D said, "Ugh, who wrote this?" And I said, "I know! It's like Joss at his worst."

And sure enough. I mean, it was "A Hole in the World" bad.

The "man on the street" segments were also terrible, I think a combination of writing/acting/directing. They didn't feel authentic at all. It was totally actors reading lines. Not for a second did I believe these were real reactions of real people. I know, it's a show and of course it's actors reading lines, but I shouldn't be taken out of the show by that. Not one of them felt like a real person. They were just all so stagey.

I did love "Porn!" but that was all in Eliza's delivery.

Are they making things too convoluted, though, so it's all just going to be a big contradictory mess at some point?
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