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what am I going to do when it's over?

I guess I'll be the one glad that Jade slapping Natalia was left out of the anime. I hated that, and that's one time he lost me. I know he doesn't understand, like, human emotions and stuff, but the boy she loves just died. God forbid she take a second to be distraught. And you just do not hit a woman, ever.

Meanwhile... are they setting up a Faize/Lymle pairing? Because please don't. I like them individually, but... please, please don't.

And I'm kinda annoyed because Reimi is not in the party for, uh, plot reasons, and I'd been almost exclusively playing her in battle because she's the archer, and now I'm having to get used to Edge. That's what I get for not switching around more. I did that in Vesperia, too. I'd mostly play Yuri and sometimes Rita, so when I was forced to fight as Karol, I was like, hell, this sucks, I can't do it.
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