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just call me professor wow

I started out trying to come up with ideas that were less obvious, because if there's one thing I hate being when I write, it's obvious, although since that hasn't been working out too well, I guess I'll go for the obvious after all. But we're planning to be out of town for five days starting Friday, so if I don't get it done tomorrow, it'll be at least a week.

It's time for my parents' annual golf trip to Georgia, so we'll be staying with them a couple days, and already my mom's called me twice in the past four days to see if I want her to bring me some stuff. She's been cleaning the house, and of course would rather dump the stuff she doesn't want on me, when I don't have room for anything. First she called to see if I wanted my grandma's old sewing machine. Other than the occasional button, I haven't sewn anything since seventh grade home ec. Mom says, "Well, maybe you'll want to take it up!" And maybe I won't, which means I've got one more thing to store in an already overloaded closet. Then this morning she called to see if I wanted a painting she bought on a cruise one time. "It's of the Spanish Steps, and since you've been there, I thought you'd want it!" But... where would I put it? I wouldn't. And it'd end up taking up space I don't have. So I feel bad saying, "Mom, I really don't want your shit", but, Mom, I really don't want your shit.

And I finally finished SO4, and between that and 24, my imaginary boyfriends are really pissing me off this week. I may have to play it again now that I know once Faize leaves, he doesn't come back. I think that may be why I couldn't get all the recipes, but I'm not sure. I thought I did enough inventing before that point, but I guess not.

I still think Sarah is one of the most pointless, annoying characters I've come across in a game. I don't play a lot of games, but wow, did I want to get rid of her.

I'll have to get the first two for PSP now, which will probably be my next games to get me through until Sims 3 comes out. I have the preview disc but haven't looked at it yet.

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