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random fandom

1. I've got D hooked on Otomen now! Although we're calling it "Otomens"--three snaps in Z formation!

2. It's just not 24 unless Kim is imperiled. D called it. He smart.

3. Ted has a "Let's go to the mall" ringtone! How can D hate him? And I'm oddly disappointed with the misdirect on Stella. I still like her.

4. I'm not buying that Penny's all that into Leonard.

5. You know how Raj can only talk to women if he's drinking (or thinks he is)? What if when Guy drinks, he gets handsy?

6. And I'm thisclose to writing Guy/Susanne. If someone doesn't stop me, it'll be called "Best Served Hot".
Tags: 24, abyss, himym
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