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I'm going to try to get to Target tonight after the installers leave and pick up Sims 3, but for the past few days I've been playing 2 a little. I hadn't played 2 in months, and I kinda missed it. I was flipping through the Freetime manual and realized there were new career tracks I'd never explored.

So I made GuySim an architect and AniseSim a fortune-seeking spy, of course. She married SyaoranSim for his money. It had been so long I forgot I'd never found anyone for SyaoranSim to marry, poor kid. I named their son Florian, and anyone named Florian Li is going to grow up getting the crap beat out of him on the playground.

AniseSim was also abducted by aliens. I've had this game forever and that's the first time I've ever had that happen. She didn't look too thrilled about it when she got back, but no alien baby popped out, so I guess it's all good.

I wanted GuySim to have the tinkering hobby, but he ended up with a house full of broken shit and had to call the repairman. He's gotten better at it, though. He and NataliaSim fixed up a classic car together. She did most of the work, actually. I think he just painted it--blue to match her dress.

She really, really likes cooking. She came up with that on her own. The little dialogue box popped up saying like "I'm so glad I tried that cooking activity!" Okay, then. Rock on, Your Highness.

They have three kids, MarySim, AnnabelSim, and CecilSim, all perfectly blond and blue-eyed. They're creating their own little master race!

I'd also forgotten that I'd married off NegiSim and ChiyoSim. Best crossover pairing ever!

When I start all over with Sims 3, I have no idea who's going to get paired up where. Since you can tweak the personalities so much more, it's going to be interesting to see where the chemistry is.
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