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They got our new floor finished in just two days. Two long, full days, but still. It looks so great that, like with the kitchen, the rest of the house looks shabby in comparison, but that's the last of the major work we're doing for now.

So I didn't get to Target until 7 last night to pick up Sims 3, and I've barely played it because D's already run off with my disc to play on his computer. Well, we've been working all day trying to get our house back in order (and there's still lots more to do), so he deserves a break to play for a bit.

I just got a few Sims made before I had to quit, and D complained that they really didn't look right, but I told him I'm more concerned about getting the personalities right than the looks. It's his dream game to sit and spend hours tweaking hair and facial features and building/decorating houses, and I just want to get to the playing part. He never actually gets to the playing with the Sims. That's not the fun part to him.

D did say I did a good job with LukeSim and AschSim, but that was easy because you just make one and then click "make replica twin".

The personality features are really cool. You have a big list of traits and get to choose five for each Sim.

Poor LukeSim. His traits are Childish, Coward, Hot-headed, Slob, and Lucky. I love you, Luke, but tell me most of that isn't true.

AschSim is likewise Hot-headed, Daredevil, Perfectionist, Loner, and No Sense of Humor. "No Sense of Humor" is crucial.

GuySim is Athletic, Brave, Handy, Romantic, and Friendly. Could I be a bigger Guy fangirl? "Friendly" was a toss-up choice because I really wanted something like "charming", but the closest choices were "Friendly" and "Flirty", and his interactions are more from a friendly place than a flirty place, I think.

NataliaSim was hard. I ended up going with Good, Family-oriented, Charismatic, Ambitious, and Snob. I didn't really want "Snob" but I needed something to kind of represent that bratty side we first see, which is more overruled by her "Good" compassionate caring side as we get to know her. Her goal is to be "Leader of the Free World", by the way.

AniseSim is Excitable, Flirty (see the difference?), Natural Cook, Frugal, and Kleptomaniac. "Frugal" was the closest to "money-loving", and "Kleptomaniac" was as close as I could come to "sneaky". Yeah, it's a stretch.

TearSim is Good, Loner, Workaholic, Neat, and Light Sleeper. I don't know why "Light Sleeper". I guess I wanted someone to be.

If I ever get my disc back from D, I'll do a little actual playing, then get to making my CCSims and BuffySims. I've gotten so used to having them that it wouldn't feel like I was doing it right if I didn't have them. Plus, crossover pairing potential!
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