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Obviously these two would have adorable little blond children, and so their Sims do, but...


I'm really curious what their Sim children are going to look like.

Why did I hook up AschSim and TomoyoSim? Well, TomoyoSim was, curiously, way into LukeSim, who was already married (but we all know Sims are whores and that doesn't stop them), and so I pushed her in AschSim's direction because, well, IDENTICAL. Accept no substitutes, Tomoyo! Go for the Original Recipe.

And it worked like... faster than I've hooked up any Sims ever, I think. Man, were they easy to get together. It seems odd on the surface, but I think in a way it makes a weird kind of sense.

I may be close to getting Sim'd out, though. I've been playing a lot this past week. Maybe I'll let it sit a while and finally do some writing instead.
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