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you make it easier when life gets hard

I don't know. At least I finished something--that's enough to give me a sense of achievement. I really, really need to break the habit of coming up with a last line then trying to work up to it. This time anyway I got there and realized it didn't work after all, so I scrapped it for something that, well, isn't much better.

Title: What Would You Say
Series: ToA
Length: 1335 words
Request: "what if"
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Guy/Natalia
Summary: It's not a proposal, but what if it were?

You know, it's so very clear that this is yet another excuse to throw them in bed together, and really, I should just write porn.
Tags: abyss, abyss fic, drabble requests, fanfic, guy/natalia
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