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well you know

Took Mom and the Great Dane to the airport. We had a really nice visit, saw a lot for just two days and took them to a couple of our favorite restaurants, but as much as we liked having them here, it's always nice to get your life back and get back on a normal routine. We've been eating really rich and shopping and spending money and stuff, and we told them, "Don't think we always live like this."

Mom was impressed with all the work we've done to the house. The GD got to see it for the first time in the best possible state, instead of like a few months ago, with the old furniture and appliances and filthy vinyl and worn-out carpet.

So we got someone to visit us all the way from Denmark. But my sisters who are only 500 miles away can't be bothered. I'll keep after them, I guess.

My mom did have a funny story about my niece and nephew, who are 4 and 6. For my nephew's kindergarten graduation, Mom got him a "My first encyclopedia" book, and she said she flipped through it to see if it was on an appropriate level for him, and it had airplanes and dinosaurs and stuff, which he likes.

So he's looking at it in the back of the car and stage-whispers to his sister, "There's a picture of a vagina in here!"

And she says, "See if there's a wiener!"

He sounds it out, "Wuh, wuh... that's W! I'll look it up in the index!" But alas, there was no "wiener" in the index, and they were disappointed.

Mom said she looked through the book again later to figure out what they were looking at, and it was an entry about childbirth.

Kids today.

Remember back in the 70s when you could just go to your friend's house and giggle over their dad's Playboys? We used to try to find the bunny hidden in the cover photo. (Or am I just that old?)
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