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spilled my beans


I really pretty much hate this lazy kind of meta. It's so overused that it's not funny anymore. "It's like being in a story!" "This is something out of a shoujo manga!" We get it. Still not clever.

But here, I like to think that Elly realizes what a crap strip she's in, and actually means "Who 'writes' this shit?" but has to keep the comics page family-friendly.

Oh, and in the interest in saving space, I cropped the panel where Connie was all, "I wanted to live here so we'd be neighbors and stuff." And Elly just goes, "Mmm" with a blank, bored look. Ha, Elly hates her friends. Well, Elly hates everyone. She only has "friends" so she has someone to gossip about/with and feel superior to.
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