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and my spilled beans made the page

Yuki, Yuki, Yuki. You are the only one I like. I'm sorry you're stuck in such a bullshit episode arc. That's like my own personal hell, to be trapped in a neverending time loop with those assholes, doing the same cliched summer activities fifteen thousand times.

You know, when you realize you only like one character, you should probably drop a series. And when they're engaged in bullshit repetition like this, you definitely should. I mean, on TNG they resolved a time loop in an episode, and even with the resets, there were still spaceships colliding and exploding. This show suffers from a severe lack of things exploding.

She needs to go around robbing banks, shaving Haruhi's head, setting that whiny little bitch Kyon on fire, having lots of random crazydirtysex, anything to break up the monotony. At least she's getting a lot of reading done.

I would totally scream out "GET THERE FASTER, LOSER!" every time Koizumi looked at the list.

God, this show. I was never crazy about it, but I love Yuki. It's like with the Fruits Basket manga. I haven't read the last one yet, but I'm at the point where I hate everyone but Yuki, but I've come this far and may as well finish it. I should have known to just stick with the anime. I really, really wanted Yuki to go on a punching spree and just punch everyone right in the face. I'm so sick of all of them.

D's also shown me a few episodes of.... Hatsukoi Limited? Is that what it's called? The one where everyone has the same face? Yeah. Boring. I didn't care about a single one of them.

I told D, please, please let's watch something that doesn't have middle school girls. So we checked out the first episode of Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, and, well, at least it's something different. Too soon to tell if it's good different. Maybe we'll watch the next one tonight.

But D looooves his moe slice-of-life schoolgirls. I just find it so... tedious. I mean, cute's fine, but can I please watch something that has an actual story?

We have been lamenting the lack of a good adventuring series. ToA kinda filled the void for a while, but yeah.
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