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I'm not avoiding writing, really

Five questions, courtesy of dropsofviolet:

1. What was the best year of your life so far?

Every year has it ups and downs, you know? I could say last year, when we went on that amazing trip, but it was also the year my grandpa died, so how could I call that the best? Or 1996, when I graduated college and got married, but D and I never fought more than we did that year, I think. Moving to a new state and getting used to living together while looking for a job and trying to plan a wedding was just too much stress all at once.

So I'll kind of go around the question and say one of my favorite years was 1987-88 when I was in eighth grade. Eighth grade was my absolute favorite year of school. I had some really fantastic teachers, it was the last year I really enjoyed being in the band, I was on the yearbook staff which was dorky fun, I had some great friends, a guy who flirted with me in social studies class.... It was just the most fun I ever had in school. And I miss the 80s.

2. What do you look for in a new TV show, manga, or anime?

It's horribly indefinable. Just because I like one thing doesn't mean I'll like something similar. I love Buffy but otherwise have no interest in vampire stories. I was big into Star Trek: TNG in high school and college, but never got into any of the other Treks, and I'm not really big into scifi in general (I was as a teenager until I realized I was reading for the romance subplots--I switched to romance novels and was much happier). I guess first and foremost I look for good, solid, well-developed characters. I don't want perfect characters--I want characters who screw up but I can still root for. I want quality writing, especially dialogue. Story comes second, but there does have to be a story, most times. But then I also really like talky movies, where it's just two people talking, like Before Sunrise or Conversations with Other Women. But this is why I generally don't like action movies. Besides the fact that action sequences bore me to tears, the characters tend to be pretty cardboard.

Along with character and story, with anime/manga I look for pretty artwork. That sounds silly, but if something just looks ugly to me, I probably won't give it a chance.

3. What are the features of your ideal home?

A big bathroom. Seriously, we have this tiny bathroom, and the house we looked at last year had this huge shower, double sinks, garden tub, all that stuff, and I think we may have actually drooled. I'd also want a low-maintenance yard. I hate yard work. And we want enough space so that people can visit and stay with us but not so much that they won't leave.

4. What's your favorite genre to read?

I guess at the moment I like intelligent, non-shallow chick lit. I don't have much patience for female characters obsessed with fashion, dieting, or celebrity gossip, or who act completely pathetic about/around men. But I do sometimes read about dippy heroines, too. It's my brain candy.

5. What's your favorite meal?

This drives D nuts, but I could eat spaghetti every day. Anything pasta/Italian, I love. Especially with lots of cheese. Yummy.
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