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and now for something completely the same

Oh, Endless Eight. Why do I watch you. If there was at least new information, it'd be one thing.

D sees daylight.

I wish we had an episode from Yuki's POV. I watched her specifically this time, which, if I had the patience to go back, I'd do it for the others. But especially I watched when Koizumi took the list and then was all "Domo", and I saw her lower her eyes just briefly, and I don't know if I'm reading something that's not there, but I took that as a silent "Fuuuuuck." I won't go back and see if she's done it before.

And then she nodded at Kyon, who still did fucking nothing. Stupid me, I was all, "Yes! Go Yuki! She's finally had enough!" I should have known. Kyon is just such a dumbass.

I hate this show. I love Yuki, but I hate this show.
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