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speaking of romance novels

So I decided to poke around PBS to see what they had available, and found one with this review:

This was an amazingly enjoyable read! I'm not a fan of this stuff, but the horse on the cover convinced me to read it.

"Romance novels are dumb, but this one had a HORSE! Yay, horsies!"

The hell?

Unless he's into bestiality or something.... Or Mallory Pike. Or both.

And on the cover? It's pretty much a little silhouette of a horse under the title. It's not like one of those old Marguerite Henry books or anything.

I think this might be the most random reason for reading a book EVER.

I could see me saying this to D: "I know you think these books are trashy, but read this one! There's a horse on the cover! A HORSE! That makes it bonafide!"
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