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marry me, your father will disown you

I've been rewatching a few episodes, kind of out of order and what not, depending on who I want to see and what sort of tone I'm in the mood for or what particular instance I'm trying to remember and all that.

And you know what? Guy is the luckiest bastard ever.

Dude, you pulled your sword on the king and NOTHING HAPPENED. You got away with it. How did you do that? You are super lucky that the princess is hot for you your friend.

You know, I'm pretty much on Guy's side here, though. (Surprised?) I mean, this was not the smartest thing he's ever done, but seriously, the king sends your Kimlascan mother to marry a Malkuth nobleman as a gesture of peace, and then the king's brother-in-law KILLS HER? What the hell is that?

What else did I watch.... I think I started with 15 then back to 14, then 1, 5, 24, 17, 6 and 7. I need to watch 8 and 9 next, I think.

And in the first episode, I really like the little scene with Luke, Guy, and Natalia. Sure, it's exposition ahoy, but it sets the kind of friendship they have, and makes me want to write some good precanon stuff like that. And Guy needs to be a smartass more often. His "Oh, really? Good luck with that!" cracks me up every time.
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