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and I believe that God believes in Claude

Welch is a playable character!!!!!

I don't know why I found that so awesome.

But, dang, Claude. What is up with these private events?

Claude sees Rena and Precis talking; Precis asks who Claude's girlfriend is, and Rena says she doesn't know. So up pops three choices for me.

1. Have Claude say he doesn't have a girlfriend.
2. Have Claude say he wants Rena to be his girlfriend. (Ugh)
3. Have Claude say he wants Precis to be his girlfriend.

So I pick 3. And Precis gets all excited, "Yay, so we're a couple now!" And the dude BACKPEDALS like crazy, all, "Um, er... I didn't really mean... uh...."

Geez. Claude by name, clod by reputation. Why give me the choice if he's just going to fuck it up?

As long as it messes with his relationship score with Rena, I guess I don't care. They both were pissed at him after that.

But then I got to have him ask the fortune teller if he was compatible with Celine, and she said they should get married because he needs an older woman! That was even better. I don't really ship Claude with anybody, because he's a doofus? But Celine would be cool.

I guess I missed my chance to have Dias in my party? One of the townies or someone said that based on who you have in your party, you can't invite certain other characters or something. Or maybe it's because I lost the tournament. Why do all these games make you fight in a damn tournament?

Once I finish, maybe I'll play again as Rena instead of Claude. I picked Claude because I generally hate playing spellcasters. I like to just run up and hit stuff.
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