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kyon-kun denwa

On D's sports board, as I'm sure on many others, it's a tradition to do a countdown to the first game of the season. Ten days to go, everyone posts videos/images relating to the number ten, nine days it's videos/images for the number nine, and so on.

Today is eight days to go, so D posts this video with the comment that for anime fans, the number eight had a very "special" meaning this summer.

I told D, "This is what it's like in Yuki's head."

It's kind of fascinating watching it all like that, seeing how the timeline differs.

It's also like looking through your high school yearbook. High school is a special kind of hell when you're stuck in the middle of it, yet you're a little sad when it's over, and you can look back at it almost fondly. You wouldn't go back, oh hell no, but still. It's something you got through and made you stronger as a person.

There's also of course the obligatory Hitler video. "I would've rather had more K-ON instead!"
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