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you're still a mystery, but there's something so easy - Idiot Control Now — LiveJournal
bees on pie, burning rubber tires
you're still a mystery, but there's something so easy
13drabbles Challenge
Drabbles Completed: ?/13

Title: Out Here
Series: ToA
Length: 1200 words
Theme: #9, "The Future"
Character: Natalia (Guy-Natalia friendship+)

Yeah, it's not so much a drabble, but it's based on one of the themes, so I need a ruling on whether I can count it.

This is almost like a first draft. I feel like it needs a lot more work, but I found myself in one of those loops. "It's not good enough to post, but I need feedback to help me flesh it out, which I can't get if I don't post."

I like the idea of it. I just need good feedback to help me make it something better.

It's obviously influenced by all the romance novels I used to read. I mean, they're a count and a princess. They need to go to a ball at some point!

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