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not that anyone would know the difference, right?

I started my next not-drabble (I think this one's going to go over, too, dammit), and ended up watching a couple episodes as a result.

For the first time I noticed this in 12, during Guy's curse-slot induced flashback:


Awww, they're all happy and it breaks my heart. Mary almost looks like she could be his mother. But why I went "HUH?" was this was the first time I noticed Van. I totally didn't see him there before. I'm so unobservant.

I really need to get back to my Guy-Mary fic one of these days.

And I watched 23 because the main thing I wanted to look for was whether it'd be possible for Natalia to pick up the locket without anyone noticing. I mean, I guess she could, right?

And she's so awesome. Guy and Luke are like, "You do not have to do this", and she's all, "Oh, I absolutely have to do this." That's my girl. I love you, Nat.
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