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I finally went and posted AWT to ff.net. Yeah, it only took me six months. I kept thinking, "I want to work on this more", but, you know, I was never going to. Ditherer!

It's not the most original or insightful thing I could have done, but I like the characterization, anyway. And there's only a page and a half of G/N fic. Someone's gotta represent.

I rated it T to be safe. I don't know. They make out.

(Although how does something with 1027 words according to Word end up as 1138 words by ff.net's count? Where did an extra hundred words come from???)

So we'll see. I've decided to be really pleased with the readership for OVG. I am really pleased with it. I didn't get the kind of constructive feedback I'd hoped for, but that I got any.... I'm happy with that. And it's had over 400 hits, which I think is amazing. And it's on 13 favorites lists!! Who saw that coming?? Not I!

Yeah. I've set my expectations accordingly for a smaller fandom, and I've been well pleased with the results.
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