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on writing and randomness

I got a review on BA of all things. I really need to take that POS down. You can tell I wrote it when I was sick and bored and new, and it's full of the worst cliches. There are a couple of good lines, but that's really all it has going for it. Ugh, E/T. Why did I write E/T? Because it seemed like the thing to do, I guess.

And I'm working on my next drabble theme, the "Food/Drink" one. First thing that popped into my head was of course, "We've secretly replaced Luke fon Fabre with Folgers Crystals. Let's see if anyone can tell the difference!"

Since my last drabble was Asch/Nat, I want to get back to Guy/Nat, and I'd like to do something fun and fluffy, but what I've got so far... is not. Again. Have some fun fluffy flirting, you guys! Why do you always have to sit around so serious??

But then I wrote this, too, which involves an idea I've been kicking around. It's not my "official" submission for the theme, because it's a)incomplete, and 2)features an OC. But, you know, we hear Guy builds a house and stuff and we never get to see it, so I've been wanting to do something with Natalia visiting and how his staff has to deal with her making herself very comfortable with ordering them around and acting as lady of the house even though she isn't. Or something? You know what I mean.

So it's a snippet for now until I figure out if I want to do something with it.


It was not the first standoff between the visiting princess and Guy’s valet, and likely would not be the last.

“Please do understand, Your Highness, that his lordship has requested you wait in the library.”

“I understand quite well, Merton,” Natalia replied with a haughty jut of her chin, “but I hope you can understand that I’d like to contribute something special to his lordship’s birthday dinner.”

Merton continued blocking the doorway. “With greatest respect, Your Highness, your remaining out of the kitchen is the best gift you could give Lord Gardios.”

Their most exalted guest placed her hands on her hips and stared down the valet. “I know you think that, and you have every reason to,” she conceded, somehow both sheepish and regal, “but I will place myself in the hands of the kitchen staff. Under their care, I do believe I can manage something as simple as whipping cream or slicing strawberries.”

“Unfortunately, Your Highness, whipped cream and strawberries are not a part of the planned menu.”

“They are now.” She did not explain further. It was not the staff’s business what she planned to do with the whipped cream and strawberries.

To say that Guy had had bad luck with birthdays would be an understatement. His worst memories were tied to that day, and every year, he treated the occasion as unworthy of celebration.

A new tradition was in order, and Natalia was determined to see that this year, he would have a very good day indeed.

Tomorrow their friends would arrive for a proper party, but that was the second part of her surprise. He’d refused to make a fuss himself, so a fuss would be forced upon him.

“We… do not have strawberries or cream, Your Highness,” Merton continued, as if that would be enough to make her wait in the library with a glass of sherry like a good little girl.

“Then I suggest you find some, and quickly.”

The valet maintained his composure, but Natalia knew he would be having words with his employer later about the princess’s impertinence. Despite her impressive position, she was not the lady of the house and had no business giving him orders.

Not yet.

“As you wish, Your Highness,” he said after some internal deliberation.

She gave him one of her most charming smiles, but her eyes glinted with victory. “I’ll be in the kitchen, then.”


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