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and I finally make a g/n tag

I've read a transcript of this before, but I'm thrilled to have it with images:

Again I think, how awesome would it have been if Natalia had gone with Guy? One very stupid reason I've put off playing the game a third time is because it takes soooo long for Nat to be introduced, and I'll miss her. Isn't that silly?

Man, I wish she'd gone with him. The two of them should have had all kinds of kickass adventures.

I love that she tries to get her way by getting all up in his personal space and threatening touching him. But it's so awkward that they play his phobia for laughs, then when you learn it was caused by being trapped under the corpses of women who died protecting him (including his SISTER), it's not so much funny at all. Even Natalia's like, "Wow, I've been teasing him all these years, and now I feel like an asshole."
Tags: abyss, guy/natalia, videos
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