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stand still, look pretty

Almost 11 hours in, and I finally made it to Baticul, although I had to save and quit before going to the castle. D wanted his computer back. We really should move the PS2 into another room instead of having it hooked up to his monitor.

I think I'm hurting myself by having it set to "very hard" mode and insisting on having Guy in the party, because in the boss battles he only does ONE point of damage per hit and can't cast spells. It takes forever to finish that way, and D got impatient waiting for me to finish and save.

Me: Sorry, but it takes forever when Guy's hits are only one point each.
D: Then what the hell good is he?
Me: He's pretty.

You know, it's also funny to me that Guy has mentioned Natalia completely unsolicited at least three times, and I know it's because "We need someone to exposit about a character you'll meet later", but with shipper goggles on, it comes across as "He has a thing for her". It's like in middle school when you like someone and try to work them into every conversation.

Other random important info I've picked up this time around:

LUKE: So Guy's parents are dead...
TEAR: You didn't know, either?
LUKE: Nope. I might've heard about it when I was a kid, but I can't remember anything from before I was kidnapped. And Guy doesn't talk about the past much, anyway.

Luke, I love you, but you are a self-centered little brat, aren't you? In seven years you've never asked him anything about himself?

And Guy's little startled reaction when they meet Cecille? Duhhhh. Knowing the whole story really helps with these little throwaway moments.

Yeah, I've printed out the info for the Cecille side-story. I'm not missing it this time, dammit.
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