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I love my game

You know, Natalia really is quite bitchy when we first meet her. And on top of that, given that she finally joins the party like 12 hours in, she does seem like an interloper. I can see why some people wouldn't like her. I love her to death, but it does take a while to warm up to her.

Nat: You're so strange. Look how pathetic you are. I don't know what the maids see in you.

Damn! And... really? You really don't know what the maids would see in Guy? He's cute and charming and gives out compliments like candy. The hands-off thing just makes him more intriguing.

Nat: Guy, you head down first. Catch me if I slip.
Guy: You're telling me to do that knowing full well that I can't, right?
Nat: I need you to get over your phobia, or we'll have problems once Luke and I are married.

Gee, it's funny that you want Guy to catch you when your supposed fiancé is right there. You know what I think? I think it pisses you off that he won't touch you because deep down in your naughty places, you want him to touch you. You want his big hands all over you, don't you? Don't you, Natalia?

And Guy actually landed decent hits in the Sync-Largo battle. I don't know why he sucked so much in the other ones. But, dang, Sync is a quick little bastard.
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