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antagonism ahoy

I hate that I can't make Luke not do stupid things. It sucks to just sit there helpless knowing the story has to go the way it does, and all you can do is shout "Noooooooooo!"

I do enjoy cutting Van off in mid-sentence. Shut up, Van.

Luke: ...How come you opened the channel to me?
Asch: I wouldn't have if I'd known how stupid you were, defect.

Haha, I do love you, Asch.

Guy: If Luke thinks by himself for a while, I'm sure he'll realize what he needs to do.
Asch: Humph. I wonder.
Luke: (Guy...)
Asch: (He's as naive a fool as he always was...)
Guy: I don't trust you, you know.

But haha, you don't know Guy at all. And he's got some serious restraint. While you're all, "Stupid reject stole my family from me", if I were Guy, I'd throw my personal tragedy in your face, all, "At least your family's still alive. Your dad killed mine, asshole."

(Oh, and "naive" and "fool" are definitely not words I'd use to describe Guy.)

And Natalia's little "Do you remember me?" almost breaks my heart. Oh, sweetie, I think the thought of you is all that kept him going some days.

But, Nat. I stick up for you on the not-knowing-how-to-cook thing, because you're a princess, and you have people to do that for you. But. How do you burn a sandwich? It's lettuce on bread. WHY ARE YOU EVEN GETTING HEAT INVOLVED?
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