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colloquial! - Idiot Control Now — LiveJournal
bees on pie, burning rubber tires
Ha, my game messed up. I had Natalia in her Star of Malkuth costume, because why wouldn't you, and got the skit about that.


1)It features short-hair!Luke, and this was before the Haircut of Redemption
2)Luke wasn't in the party; he was sleeping in Yulia City


I've also been using various short-hair!Luke titles prior to the HoR because... well, I'm shallow, and I hate the long hair*. I remember when I first bought the game and he had short hair on the front of the box and long hair on the back, and I spent the whole first part of the game waiting for him to cut his damn hair.

But because I put him in short-hair mode right up front, I got Guy saying, "What's up with your hair? Oh, it's a rug!" Ha! Then after teh HoR, Tear says something like, "You know, I was really surprised when you took your wig off and cut your hair. Are you going to get a long hair wig now?" That's so awesome. But it makes me wonder why Natalia had zero reaction to the short-hair/wig up front. I don't know, maybe she will once we rescue her and Ion-hime?

Then I also put Nat in her bathing suit while Asch was in the party. You're welcome, kid.

I don't guess there's any reason to have Asch cook. I just like making him cook because then Natalia practically has an orgasm over pizza.

*Although it works on Asch. Not really game!Asch, because he's a bit ridiculous looking, but anime!Asch? Kind of hot. I get it, Natalia.

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