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all aboard

Heh, so my game is just like "Screw it. You're getting skits whether they're in the right place or not." On a third go, it's not like they're spoiling me.

But it's still funny to get the househusband skit where Anise says "I'll marry you any time, Count Gailardia!" when we're not supposed to know that yet!

Nat: Luke! The Tartarus is a Malkuth craft, you know. Kimlasca-Lanvaldear's cruise ship, the Princess Natalia, is much more enjoyable.
Anise: Yeah, that sounds a lot better.
Guy: Really? I think men would take the Tartarus any day.

Oh, please, Guy. You know you want a ride on the Princess Natalia. She herself promises an enjoyable experience.

Guy: Shall I go with you?
Luke: Nephry's a woman, remember?
Guy: Oh, I love looking at beautiful women.
Nat: Guy is most certainly... a guy...

And yet why are we the only ones who think he's straight?

I still think "Sarah Palin" when I see Nephry. She just has that look.

Man, I hate Theor Forest. I can't do the sneaking thing. In the past when it asked "Give up and just fight?" I was like hell yeah, just fight. I'm trying to do the sneaking part this time, but I suck.

Like the thing later where you have to draw the glyph, and the game's like, "You suck. Give up and let Tear do it?" I'll have to do that right this time, too.
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