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give me two strong arms

I kind of broke my own rule when they split up for Kaitzur and Engeve. My first priority is keeping G/N together, and second is to keep a healer in each group. Well, the first time I played, I sent Guy and Luke with Natalia, then the second time I sent Guy and Anise with her, so this time I had to go with Guy and Tear. So the Jade-Anise-Luke group had no healer. At least they had plenty of items.

But, yeah, sorry, Guy, that I made you go with two beautiful girls. I know that's like your nightmare. When you'd reach camp each day and the screen went black, whatever you three did is your own business. What happens on the battlefield stays on the battlefield, right?

I loved his concern for Cecille and telling her to be careful, and she was like, "What? Oh, thanks." Like she was thinking, "Weirdo." Hey, he just doesn't want any more of his family to die, okay?

Jade: Besides, Guy says he'll carry you on the way back.
Anise: Ooh, really? Uh...Guy, can you do that?
Guy: ...Well, as much as I'd like to...
Anise: Figures... I guess you can't do anything about your special condition.
Guy: Special condition, huh...? Well, maybe I just need a special lady to condition me.

Oh, Guy. Oh, Guy. Never again will I worry that the things I make you say are too cheesy, because that, my dear boy, was cheesetacular.

And "As much as I'd like to"? Don't put Guy/Anise in my head, game. Don't do it!

He was back in fine form with his one point of damage against the beastie down in the ruins. Then he yells at Nat, all, "Hey, think before using your artes!" and she yells back, "I don't need to hear that from you!" Dude, she's healing you. Fine, just die fifty times in this battle.

And, Jade, you're supposed to be badass. I put you in boss battles so you can cast wicked artes, and what do you do? Nothing. You completely ignore my strategy and my direct instructions. Geez, I may as well put Luke back in.

It took me thirty-six minutes to fight that thing.

Crap, I didn't get the skit where Guy comforts all the girls. What the hell, game? You give me the skit about traveling the whole world while I'm still in freaking Daath and haven't even been to half the places yet, and you can't give me the skit with Guy and his harem? What the hell?
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