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13drabbles Challenge
Drabbles Completed: 8/13

Title: Campfires and Company
Series: ToA
Length: 700 words
Theme: #6, "Food/Drink"
Character: Natalia (Guy-Natalia friendship)

And so the pendulum swings back to friendship. This is the one I got frustrated with and put aside for something pornier. I'm still not quite thrilled with it, and it again went too long. Sometimes I think these ideas are simple enough to fit a drabble, then I do a check and I'm over six hundred words, so I try to wrap it up before it gets any longer. And I like round numbers. I hate to have something with an awkward number. I was at 691 or something, and I was like, geez, can't I squeeze in nine more somewhere?

I don't know where in the canon timeline this takes place. I tried to pinpoint it, but then realized Guy has plenty of things to brood about, so it doesn't need to happen after any particular event.

You know, I think I like the birthday one better, though. Maybe I should have stuck with that idea. Oh, well.
Tags: 13 drabbles challenge, abyss, abyss fic, fanfic
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