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I'm an independent diva but I still kinda need ya

Oh, game. You give me the "yay, Guy cheered up Natalia" skit before he actually did. Are you even trying?

Guy: If His Majesty insists on rejecting you, then come with me to Malkuth. I'd welcome you with open arms.

SWOON. Shippiest line in the whole game. Curse you, anime, for leaving it out. You know if you take that to insane shipper extremes, it's practically a proposal. I mean, royal blood or not, a proper lady isn't going to run off with a man she isn't married to.

And I love his other little attempts to include her and cheer her up. Talking about the Behemoth and how it can't be much of a monster if it's running away from flowers, right Natalia? Just to make her giggle. Man, so sweet.

Then when he helps rescue Anise and Nat says she's proud of him. Aw, we've come a long way from "You're so strange and pathetic", haven't we.

Although I think one of my absolute favorite lines is when Tear says the very idea of her and Luke having "that kind of relationship" is "absurd", and then Guy says, "Damn, that was cold." I don't know why that cracks me up every time.

And I cannot get this song out of my head, especially the "Oh-oh!" parts.
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