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in your high-heeled boots and your painted-on jeans

Well, as Welch would say, this is what we made. For cal_reflector's request Asagi/Koiwai (which means I should have all sorts of disclaimers about how I don't know the series well and haven't finished it and blah blah blah).

Title: Yotsuba and T-shirt Girl
Series: Yotsuba to!
Length: 1285 words
Genre: Uh... Humor?
Summary: Asagi gets involved in a family game.

This was really, really hard, and I'm not happy with it, so if it disappoints, I owe you something else. I couldn't get into the characters at all.

And I found it a very difficult style and humor to duplicate, especially without visuals, because you end up with a text littered with so many exclamation points that it looks like it was edited by Elaine Benes.
Tags: drabble requests, fanfic
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