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there's always tomorrow for dreams to come true - Idiot Control Now — LiveJournal
bees on pie, burning rubber tires
there's always tomorrow for dreams to come true
Well, crap. I got no writing done, although I did try to sort things out in my head. Geez, there's an exercise in futility for you. But I think I figured out how to make the Similarity theme work a little better, though it's still going to be... odd.

My niece is four-and-a-half, and cute as can be. She said, "I love Aunt L's cookies!" Awwww, you guys, that just about melted my childfree heart, and I almost wanted to take her home with me. Then later when she and her brother were fighting and crying and screaming, it was like, "Thank God they don't go home with me." It's like Wendy Liebman said: Kids are cute when they belong to your sister, and you can leave.

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