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when it all falls down

I am strangely pissed off at Infinite Undiscovery for KILLING FAINA, you bastards!, and I was like, OH HELL NO. And I wanted Capell to go totally nuclear on everyone.

I always, ALWAYS, back the wrong horses.

And... did I understand the Empress right, re: Sigmund? He's Capell's FATHER? I did not see that coming. I am so dumb. I am, like, Luke levels of stupid when it comes to stuff like this.

Whenever two characters are doppelgangers, and I try to guess why, I am always wrong. I come up with every possible explanation except whatever it turns out to be. Even when they practically come out and tell you why early on, I still miss it, because I am dumb.

I am super anxious to finish this game and get to Magna Carta 2. I put it in and played up to the first save point, just to see it, and.... man, I want to play it NOW.

D thinks he's got our computer fixed, although he had to wipe it and reinstall Windows. But he was getting frustrated and thisclose to taking it to the recycling place. He's equal parts relieved and annoyed that he spent his whole weekend on this and has bailed on the gym today, saying he wants one day of actual fun before starting school on Thursday.
Tags: not now! i'm playing video games!
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